Thursday, April 30, 2009


1912 silk velvet evening dress, long slit skirt
Lucile gown worn by Alice Joyce in ‘The Prey’ 1920

During her early creations at Maison Lucile, her ‘personality dresses’ had made quite an impact throughout wealthy clients. Each of these dresses was given its own name, drawing inspiration from the theater, literature, popular culture, and even from the psychological reflection of her clients. Lucile is credited with restoring both grace and freedom once the Victorian Era had ended. As mentioned through her signature styles, Lucile was drawn towards the representations in Greek styles, especially those of freedom and independence. Fame seemed to be another source of inspiration for Lucile. No other couturier of the time was more photographed or quoted than her. She dressed the most famous silent film and stage stars of the time, using her sociological approach on these women which allowed her designs to remain far more relevant than other designers.

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