Thursday, April 30, 2009


Renowned fashion designer ‘Lucile’ Lucy Duff Gordon placed herself as one of the very first personages of England during the turn of the twentieth century. Principle couture rival of Paul Poiret, her talents ran further than being known merely as a dressmaker. Lucile is as much referred to as an artist for her unique sense of style, cut, and color, which we will further explore. Lucile is widely known for her landmark contributions of staging the first catwalks and training the first runway models. Her ideals have heavily cultivated and shaped the world of fashion. She is credited as the first haute couture designer to implement diversity in the fashion field. Lucile laid the foundation for both public relations and the social element of glamour. Her most epic designs can be seen through the late Edwardian era and through the First World War.

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  1. What a super blog! And thanks for the link.

    I agree that due to her fearless choices and movements, Lady Duff caused the Edwardian era to allow women a greater sense of freedom and ideology. But she was a trend setter in her own right. And she was a trend setter in at least three different countries. What a woman.