Thursday, April 30, 2009

Signature Styles

Lucile evening gown, 1917

Lucile hostess gown, 1917

Ivory Chiffon gown, flesh pink silk, 1917Fashion spread of a Lucile Wedding gown, Vogue, July 15, 1918

Corset lingerie, 1918

Lounging pajamas, silk and metallic lace, 1919

Hallmark designs of Lucile’s can be found throughout her billowy sleeve designs, scalloped hemlines, sashes and ribbons. The most coveted of Lucile’s designs were found through her subtle blend of color. She once stated that she ‘loosed upon a startled London’ by removing stiff bone-bodices with the replacements of chiffons and draperies, reminiscent to those of ancient Greece. Lucile opened up the ‘Rose Room’, which contained silk lingerie and exotic perfumes. Furthermore, she implanted lower neck lines, slit skirts, and color-coordinated accessories, all of which are reflected in today’s styles. She is even known for coining the term ‘chic’, as it was used to not only describe her styles, but her own personal image.

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