Thursday, April 30, 2009


Lady Duff Gordon
Lucile & Co.

Though teaming with the ever-successful Sears-Roebuck, Lucile Ltd. began to crumble by the year of 1919. Legal disputes caused her prominent catalog to disappear. At this time, Lucile was 56 years of age and not in the mind frame of recreating her entire industry. Poor business deals with wholesale manufacturers further contributed to the company’s downfall. Lucile’s expectations of high quality fabric and handmade methods continued did not correlate with newly executions of cheaper production methods. Nevertheless, Lucile continued to design on a personal scale for individual clients. In 1932, she published Discretions and Indiscretions, an autobiography about her life and the end of her business. She then passed away on April 20th, 1935 in London after battling both breast cancer and pneumonia. Lucile holds the true definition of fashion in every light of the word. Lucile’s great-great granddaughter, Camilla Blois, carries on her work through ‘Lucile and Co.’, a lingerie company she founded herself, inspired by the legendary works of Lucile Duff Gordon.

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